Seasonal Tips

Ahhh Choo! The sun is out, the birds are singing but those pesky sneezes and stuffy noses are back in full bloom as well! High pollen counts from trees, grasses, and weeds can start a chain reaction on your child’s immune system that releases histamine into the bloodstream. Please let us know if allergies might be an issue with your child and we’ll help direct you to the best method of treatment.

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Our providers feel that patients on daily medication require supervision and routine follow up visits. We encourage families to schedule their follow up appointments as they leave our office.

Spring is in full swing and so is spring cleaning! Remember as you pull out all those cleaning supplies, that many are dangerous to children. We suggest to turn on fans and open windows when using strong chemicals. Storing poisons away from food, discarding outdated products, and keeping children away from pesticide-treated areas are all great precautions to take. To get updated first aid information and for help, please call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222. In the case of an emergency, call 911 immediately.

At your next visit, please remember to bring a copy of your updated insurance card and a photo ID, so that we can provide you with the most efficient care. If you’ll be visiting for the first time, we’ll be happy to provide you with our patient information forms to fill out prior to your visit.

Spring weather means dusting off those bikes and getting up and moving – but not without a helmet! According to the AAP, bicycling is the leading cause of recreational sports injuries treated in emergency rooms, but a helmet can prevent the occurrence of up to 88 percent of serious brain injuries. When shopping for a helmet, check the inside label to ensure CPSC safety standards. Any helmets involved in a crash or otherwise damaged should be discarded, and all helmets should be replaced at least every five years. Children mimic what they see their loved ones doing, so remember to wear your helmet as well!

Did your insurance recently change? Please have your current information ready to give our staff, so that we can provide you and your child with the most informed care.

Ticks! Those nasty outdoor pests that stick onto your loved ones. While Lyme disease is not so prevalent in our area, it has been reported in nearly every state. Please make sure to do a tick check every evening if your little ones have been outdoors – especially in hard to find places like the scalp, behind the ears, under the arms, and between the toes. If a tick is found, we recommend using a tick remover or tweezers to gently detach as close to your child’s skin as possible without squeezing or twisting. After removing, disinfect the bite with soap, apply an antibiotic ointment, and watch closely for a rash, fever, or headache. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Lots of gamedays ahead of you this Spring? When it’s your turn to bring snacks for the team, go for a game plan that includes healthy, nutritious foods. Try a serving of fruits or veggies like clementines, bananas, apple slices, or fruit kebabs in a rainbow of colors for a sweet treat. Want to hydrate your little one? A bottle of water is the best way to replace fluids for your athlete!